Wee Targets – Toilet Training

The “Wee Target” is a toilet training device for little or not so little boys!  It encourages boys to aim correctly and even flush, as when the black spot on the target is aimed at a picture will appear and when the toilet is flushed the black spot reappears.

The wee target needs to be applied to the rear rim of the toilet with the suction cup making sure it sits above water level.

To prolong the life of your target do not use harsh chemicals directly on the black spot and no harsh brushing / scratching as all of the above will break down the ink component. The “Wee Target” will last for 3-6 weeks and the effect works at 31 degrees. As the black ink spot is heat sensitive weather conditions can sometimes alter the effect a little.

Wee targets are currently available in the following: Football, Soccer Ball, Train and Car – please advise at check out in “order comments” if you have a preferred style.