Baby Hats – A must for every Mum to keep your child warm & in fashion

These days style is all about wearing the right arrangement of accessories. Not only does this tendency hold to adult style, baby, toddler and children’s fashion accessories are on the rise, from gorgeous shoes, hair clips and hats, babies & toddlers are becoming more stylish.

Baby hats offer some of the most adorable and most practical solutions for keeping kids comfortable and looking good. Gone are the plain hats of yesteryear, lacking in flair and variety. Today, the baby products available give consumers the choice required to compliment any baby or toddler’s closet.

Baby hats no longer have to be drab and purely usable, they are now comfortable & playful for any baby to don. If you are searching for fashionable, usable baby hats, your hunt has ended as BubbyBear offers a large range of these hats at fantastic prices and possess something to meet the fashion needs of virtually every parent.

Nothing shows love for your baby like a child properly protected from the harsh elements, and of course it doesn’t hurt to look so dam cute while doing it!

Babies & toddlers can never have too many hats either. The fact is soon enough your little baby will grow up and they want to pick and choose what they wear and when, so make the most of this small time frame to dress them up how you choose without any contention. Of course we have found our children love wearing their BubbyBear hats because they are so colourful and pretty.

Parents can photograph picture perfect moments as they try on assorted gorgeous baby hats on their children. Apart from making your child look adorable with the different assorted colours and styles, our baby hats also add that wow factor to your photo’s that makes them stand out.  Our baby hat‘s also keep your little ones warm  and cosy while your camera’s flash is firing.

Hats with various looks, shapes, and sizes can be worn any time, anywhere. For every time of year of the year, there is a desirable hat to show off.  Our hats breathe well and can also be worn in warmer weather. In winter and through parts of spring and autumn the weather switches from warm summer breezes to cold, biting gusts of air which bring chills and health risks to babies & toddlers. Babies’ heads can be kept toasty and dry if they have hats for covering up. Not only do these  keep babies & toddlers snug and healthy, but these can also be matched with any of your baby’s outfits to perk up the child’s fashion flair.

When winter is on its way coats and jackets typically come to mind first when making purchases for the cold. However, for infants, a baby hat is one of the most important decisions you can make to protect your child from the elements. Infants cannot regularise body temperature very well, so the hat or beanie you choose is especially crucial during the in between seasons and winter. The human body losses a substantial portion of its heat from the head so cover that cute little head up in style with a hat from BubbyBear.  Be sure to check in from time to time as we are always adding new and exciting pieces. xx