MonkeySwimmers – Assisted Swimming / Flotation devices for your BubbyBear

MonkeySwimmers are the world’s slimmest adjustable armband. With a unique patent applied for design which is safety certified to fit kids aged from 1-6 years.

MonkeySwimmers are manufactured using the highest quality super soft foams, resulting in a kids swimming product that is chemical free and probably the safest and most comfortable armband ever invented for your BubbyBears!

The super slim design means that kids are free to move their arms in the water whilst wearing armbands. This speeds up the learning to swim process and gives them confidence and independence in the water.

Made from super soft foams, unique comfortable design to adapt to arms for BubbyBears aged 1-6 years.  Unique layered design to enable the parent to reduce the buoyancy as the child gains more confidence.  This gorgeous product also comes with a brilliant story book to engage children in the monkeyswim concept and also a keepsake progress chart.  Monkeyswimmers Comply with all safety standards and are the most radical breakthrough in children’s swimming technology for decades.

Monkeyswimmers make a lovely gift or purchase for you very own BubbyBears.



Drop Buddy – Toy, Dummy, Drink and Utensil Holder

A smart lanyard device that attaches to any stroller, high chair, car seat and any bottle, cup or toy to prevent drops, losses and soiling of your BubbyBears favourite things to travel with.
Toggle slider fits most makes of cups, toys, dummies, utensils and more and also features safety release for peace of mind.
Made from easy to clean long life material and available in pink or blue.

Fever Reliever – Fast Acting Cooling Gel Strips for Fevers in Babies and Children

Fever Reliever is a soft gel strip that has been especially designed to relieve discomfort from fevers, toothache, headache and muscle pain in children.  It’s non-medicated ingredients and its high water content provides a powerful cooling effect lasting up to 10 hours, by absorbing heat quickly away from the body.  Safe to use with medications, has no side effects and requires no refrigeration. Each strip is self adhesive and is easily and painlessly removed after use and works well for fevers, toothaches, headaches and sore muscles.  Fever Reliever is for use on children from 12 months of age. 6 Sheets per box.

Houdini Stops – Keeps Little Arms From Escaping Car Seats, High Chairs & Strollers

The Houdini Stop is a device which prevents children from taking their arms out of their car seat harnessing. Consisting of two simple clips joined by a length of material. The clips connect to each of the 2 car seat straps and holds the strap in place preventing children from wriggling out.
The Houdini Stop has been crash tested at the Autoliv Test Facilityin Melbourne, Australia to the AS/NZC 1754 Standard. The Houdini Stop was found not to interfere with the performance of any part of the car seat and can also be used with highchair and stroller harnesses to prevent children standing up and getting out.
Simple to use in 3 easy steps, effective and can be fitted with one hand. This universal lock suits a wide range of harness systems and ages.

Wee Targets – Toilet Training

The “Wee Target” is a toilet training device for little or not so little boys!  It encourages boys to aim correctly and even flush, as when the black spot on the target is aimed at a picture will appear and when the toilet is flushed the black spot reappears.

The wee target needs to be applied to the rear rim of the toilet with the suction cup making sure it sits above water level.

To prolong the life of your target do not use harsh chemicals directly on the black spot and no harsh brushing / scratching as all of the above will break down the ink component. The “Wee Target” will last for 3-6 weeks and the effect works at 31 degrees. As the black ink spot is heat sensitive weather conditions can sometimes alter the effect a little.

Wee targets are currently available in the following: Football, Soccer Ball, Train and Car – please advise at check out in “order comments” if you have a preferred style.

Baby Pram Cover / Stroller Covers

I know as a mum of two and one on the way how frustrating trying to tie a blanket with pegs to your pram is. All you want to do is stop the sun shining in your BubbyBears eyes or let them have a sleep while you are out and about, but the blanket constantly blows off or there is light shining in the sides of the blanket stopping BubbyBear from sleeping.

If you have had this same frustration them make sure you try these fabulous pram / stroller covers a must have for all new BubbyBears.

  • No more pegs or blankets that fly off
  • Elasticated sides making it easy to slip on and off your pram
  • Pram covers fit most major brands of prams and strollers
  • Available in a range of colours

Don’t miss out on this fantastic product, a great idea for a gift for new mums, baby showers and to make life just that little bit easier!

Houdini Locks – Keeps Disposable and Cloth Nappies Secure

A Houdini Lock is a fabulous new idea taking the place of safety pins and made specifically for disposible nappies.

This device simply slips on over the top of the nappy tab & locks it into place, so your child can not pull it off.  Making it very handy for broken or unsticky tabs so no more wasted nappies, or for little BubbyBears that love pulling off their nappies.  They are safer than safety pin as you can not accidently poke your child while trying to pierce the thick nappy cloth.

You simple push up the black retainer pop the clip on over the tab squeeze the houdini lock shut &  push down the black retainer to lock it into place. Fits most disposible nappies & a lot of cloth styles No more messy ‘surprises’, no more wasted nappies comfort contoured and reusable.

Name Taggies for Mummies

These gorgeous little “Name Taggies” are a great idea for Mummies baby bags, purses or handbags.  These can be made with any name, just use your imagination!!  Make sure you mention this in the comments section at checkout.

Car Seat Covers – 4 Colours Available

We all know the best way to keep the kids quiet while your driving is to feed them up!!

This fantastic car seat cover protects your car seat from grubby little hands and clothes and stops food dropping in all the car seat padding and all the little nooks and crannies in the seat.

  • Keeps your car seat brand new, clean and hygienic
  • Easy slip on, slip off design covering the entire car seat
  • Velcro openings means no need to remove the car seat or to adjust the straps
  • Did we mention these covers have waterproof seat and back panels
  • Size 1 available now — universal fit for all Safe and Sound and Britax (UK) car seats (except AHR, compact or boosters such as Maxi Rider)
  • Soft, lightweight and durable 100% Polyester
  • Contemporary colours
  • The Car Seat Cover comes in 4 trendy versatile colours.
  • Apple
  • Marine
  • Fuschia
  • Chocolate
  • BUY a 3 pack of Car Seat Covers and SAVE $$$
  • Universal fit

Car seats are available in such varies shapes and sizes.. The first cover has been designed specifically for the Safe and Sound range. However has successfully fitted the following car seats:

  • Safe and Sound
  • Royale
  • Premier Retractor
  • Premier
  • Guardian Plus
  • Guardian
  • Empire
  • Sleep n Recline
  • Super Safeguard
  • Safeguard
  • Safekeeper DLX
  • Safekeeper
  • Galaxy Sports
  • Discovery

Extra Long Bibs in 3 Different Designs

These Extra Long Bibs are a must for every meal. Your BubbyBears clothes never have to be stained again with this fantastic bib!

Extra long length allows drips and spills on tummies and laps to be easily caught

No complicated buttons or velcro that can just be pulled off the easy slip on and off design, over the head ensures the bib stays securely on for the entire meal

Comfy and durable 100% cotton fabric, great in hot or cold wash then line or tumble dry

Funky unisex pattern for both boys and girls and the perfect match for your high chair covers!

Australian made

All this for just $9.95 or convenient 3 pack for $24.95.

Say goodbye to nasty stained clothing and keep your BubbyBears clothing looking brand new.  Not only will this save you outfit changes after every meal but it also lets your BubbyBear enjoy learning to feed themselves and try different foods without worrying about the mess and clean up after.

High Chair Covers – 4 Colours Available

The Grubby Bubby® High Chair Cover provides a protective barrier between your BubbyBears little hands and highchair nooks and crannies. Not only does it save you the cleaning time but it keeps your high chair looking brand new.

It’s as easy as slipping the cover over the seat and arms of your high chair, pulling the five-point harness through the slots and securing the leg ties, it’s that simple.

This fantastic product doesn’t just have to be limited to home use. It compactly folds into a pouch that can slip in your handbag or baby bag or you could store one in the car when eating at restaurants, playgroups or friends houses. Not only does it keep food out of seams and stitches of high chairs it reduces clean up and protects your baby from bacteria and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Our range of contemporary colours will rejuvenate hand-me-downs and turn any high chair into fashionable furniture. Plus your high chair stays in great condition ready for siblings or resale.

This fantastic products universal design means that it doesn’t just have to be limited to high chairs. Buy a few and ensure that your baby rocker or swing is protected from food or if you are out and about have piece of mind that there are no nasty germs that your BubbyBear will touch.

The soft and lightweight 100% polyester fabric, is gentle against baby’s skin, gives maximum durability and is easy to wash. When it is completely grubby, just throw it in a cold or warm wash, line or tumble dry and then back on the high chair for the next meal.

The High Chair Cover comes in 4 contemporary colours. Buy one or buy a value pack with all four colours.

  • Apple
  • Marine
  • Fuschia
  • Chocolate

Most of our customers love the product so much they buy three or four at a time or buy more……

  • BUY a 3 pack of High Chair Covers and SAVE $$$ –
  • The innovative design of the High Chair Cover and durable mechanical stretch fabric provides a universal fit for most soft padded high chairs on the market.
  • We’ve tested it on every high chair we can lay our hands on and it’s an impressive list of successful fittings.
  • Babyco – Angelico
  • BabyLove – Anabelle
  • Bebe Care – Neo
  • Bruin – Orlando Easy Fold
  • Chicco – Mamma
  • Chicco – Polly 2 in 1
  • Chicco – Polly Magic
  • Childcare – Avante
  • Childcare – Stella
  • Cosatto – On the Move
  • Cuddly Baby – Flat Fold
  • Esprit
  • Fisher Price – Health Care
  • Fisher Price – Healthy Care Rainforest
  • Fisher Price – Space Saver
  • Fisher Price – Precious Planet
  • Go Safe – Frontier Hi–Lo
  • Infa – Seville
  • Love n Care – Caprice
  • Love n Care – Futura
  • Love n Care – Techno
  • Mothers Choice – Flat Fold
  • Peg Perego – Primma Pappa
  • Peg Perego – Primma Pappa Diner
  • Steelcraft – Messina II
  • Steelcraft – Ebony
  • The Adventures of Winnie the Poo

Gorgeous Rabbit Hat (Red Colour)

These gorgeous little rabbit hats are just so adorable for the winter months that are fast approaching.  Available in black and red they are just adorable to keep your little ones head and ears toasty.  This hat is stretchy so will fit anywhere from 6 months to toddlers.

Gorgeous Rabbit Hat (Black Colour)

These gorgeous little rabbit hats are just so adorable for the winter months that are fast approaching.  Available in black and red they are just adorable to keep your little ones head and ears toasty.  This hat is stretchy so will fit anywhere from 6 months to toddlers.